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Planning the fall garden

I’m planning the fall garden right now. The soil here is mostly clay so we will be sticking to raised bed gardening. I’m hoping to add one more raised bed before fall. Here is a rough sketch of how I plan on planting the garden for fall:

I love fall gardening. It’s less watering and the plants seem to thrive with little interference.

Sacramento Valley Sparks

Yesterday I braved the heat to go a Sacramento Valley Sparks event. It was my first experience with the burner community and it was awesome! There was food, some really interesting people and music including my friend’s band Blaquelisted. They had a gypsy clothing exchange where you could borrow dress up clothes. There was an amazing collaborative art project I got to participate in and a really cool Burning Man shelter. All in all a great day!




First batch of hair bows!

I’ve been making hair bows like a maniac the past week and have some sets to sell. All of these are handmade personally by me in California. I currently only accept Paypal.

How to order: Email me at with the items you want to purchase and your shipping address. I will then send you an invoice through Paypal. If you are ordering multiple items this is when I will calculate the shipping, however for these posted items shipping cost is the same for up to three items. After the payment is received I will ship it within 1-2 business days. If I am out of town and cannot process orders, I will have a blog posted beforehand with when I am due back. The easiest way to check this is by going to the For Sale category. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions feel free to email me.

Changes to Strangerock

I am making a few changes in the direction of this blog.

The first of these changes is that I will be posting handmade items for sale. For sale items will be found here under the “For Sale” category.

Fear not, Strangerock will not be turning into just another storefront. I will also post handmade items I have made for friends, family or just for fun in addition to other topics like gardening, tiny house living, communal living, transplanting from the suburbs to the country and other (hopefully) exciting topics.

Strangerock will become a sister site for my tumblr:
 What this means is that my tumblr will link to this blog for things like text heavy posts and photo sets. If you want to keep up to my day to day life, see my photography, pictures I think are pretty and hilarious gifs, my tumblr is the place to be. I will make an effort to post unique content onto this blog and tumblr so that if you follow both, it won’t be too repetitive.

Lastly, I will be making an effort to update this blog more consistently and with better content. Ain’t all that snazzy?

Stay tuned and thank you for visiting.


A Disgusting Sentiment

Have you ever been in a moment when something someone says is an absolutely disgusting sentiment? And it’s not a stranger, or some random asshole you can write off. Maybe it was meant to funny, but the whole room has only one tired, uncomfortable laugh. I don’t find myself getting offended at people’s words very often anymore but that comment I found sexist and repugnant. It was anything but funny. It was a revelation of the quality of their character and I found it to be lacking.

This person isn’t charming. They are at best socially awkward. Part of me wanted to make excuses: a lack of social awareness, a lack of comedic timing, a complete and total unawareness that half their audience was women and that you could safely assume at least half of the people in the room would either be uncomfortable or most likely offended. But it’s not excusable for a grown man to make a comment so derogatory and offensive, I’d expect to hear it on the X-Box Live network from a 14 year old boy. If he was wondering why he held no appeal to the opposite sex, I’m sure having no respect for their entire gender is on the list of reasons.

When I interact with a man like this, I can’t help but respect my Fella more. My Fella deeply respects women. I think the greatest example of a feminist man is one who can be friends and carry on meaningful conversations with women and who can make them laugh without being offensive. The funny thing is, my Fella makes jokes all the time that could be taken out of context and interpreted as offensive. But he doesn’t offend people the vast majority of he time. This got me thinking about why that is. Why is it offensive when one person makes a derogatory joke and hilarious when my guy cracks a joke about an equally taboo subject?

I think the difference is satire. Where as my Fella would make a theoretically offensive joke, the punchline is the ridiculousness of sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. Then someone else makes a joke by saying something offensive, but you believe they truly think that way.  The difference is night and day. Just like how I want to spend the rest of my days with my fella, politically incorrect and all but I never really want to hear this other man’s opinion on anything ever again.