Wednesday Quote

A wise woman once said “Set a fire for a man he’ll be warm for a night. Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”



We’re home! After a brutally exhausting move we’re in our new ditty domicile.  The walls are up and painted. Vinyl peal and stick tiles have been laid. All our furniture is here, the old place has been cleared and cleaned and a five by ten storage unit is now filled with a variety of possessions we will be keeping or haven’t had the time to deal with.

I look and feel like I’ve been jumped and beat up but I’m so happy to finally be at our new home. I wish I had photos to share now but the place isn’t 100% done. We still need to finish the path, the interior trim, add shelves, hang art and get the last boxes unpacked. In the meantime, here’s a sketch of the final layout:

I am an Asshole

I’ve been throwing a lot of stuff away lately. A lot of absolute garbage that totally had to go but it still bothers me. I make a lot of fucking trash. And after however many trips to the communal dumpster I realize once again: I’m a fucking asshole.

I can’t play ignorant about this. I know what I’m doing isn’t good. It’s not good for me, or the planet. I’m It’s wasteful. But I do it almost everyday and I keep making the same choices that are just wrong. What the hell is up with that?

It’s like I’m a politician turned environmentalist whose carbon footprint is bigger than the average coal plant. I’m a complete ass hat. I’m not really a hippie. I just play one on TV.

Friday Favorites

I’m not exactly the motivated type when it comes to domestic duties. I can’t stand to clean without some sort of mental stimulation like music or podcasts playing in the background. My favorite podcast is called Stuff Mom Never Told You. It’s a fun, engaging and informative podcast covering a broad range of interesting topics; from imaginary friends and gendered toys to women in boxing and the history of drag queens. It is the perfect cure for cleaning-induced mind numbing boredom.


Friday Favorites

It’s been ages since I’ve played a real game of Dungeons and Dragons. In D&D there is a lot of things that hold you back from starting a full campaign. Running a campaign is a lot of work, with a lot of rules to memorize and it’s not the easiest game for a beginner to pick up. Mostly it seems the limiting factor for getting a tabletop rpg going is getting your friends in the same room at least every couple weeks. So what do you do when you want to get your role playing fix without the time commitment? Play this game:

This is an awesome game. 

Castle Ravenloft takes a lot of the kinks out of the process of playing a game like D&D but offers a similar (but simplified) combat gameplay. You can finish it in one session. It offer several different scenarios. With no character creation, It’s easier for beginners to play. You can even play it forever alone style with one player. I think it’s a truly great board game with a lot of replay value. If you love fantasy board games, this is a must play!