Wednesday’s Quote

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.
-Henry David Thoreau



I’m about to downsize my living space by ten-fold. Ten-fold. I need to let that sink in for a bit.

Right now I’m living in a very spacious two bedroom apartment of about 1300 square feet. It was never meant to be for just us. We had a roommate but that ended abruptly. For a while we were going to get a new roommate, then decided my costuming gig was going to be the new roommate but ultimately neither of those options were going to be enough to make up for how stupid big this place is. And I’ve grown weary of fighting back the angry hordes of spiders that threaten to consume these halls. I’m still a bit sad to leave. We’ve had many great parties and made a lot of good memories here. But it’s times to move on.

Our new place will be about 120 square feet without a kitchen or bathroom in the building, but access to on a kitchen and bathroom on the property. It’s just a quick walk past the ducks and chicken.

Both my fella and I have known we’ve needed to make a change. There are a lot of reasons why: Our environmental impact, transitioning to a more frugal lifestyle, learning simplicity and downsizing our massive (but not atypical for our American culture) acumulation of stuff. Our long term goal is to get raw land and build a small house on it and add on over time. We’ve also toyed with the idea of establishing some sort of intentional community. Or maybe just convincing some of our friends to buy adjacent plots. The drastic change to our cost of living will finally allow us to save for land and whatever crunchy granola hippie type stuff we want to do.

This experience we hope will answer a lot of questions we have before making the leap to a homestead or an intentional community. Can we stand to live in such tight quarters? How will living unconventionally on a property with six adults with big personalities and a toddler work out? Could we do that under more rural/isolated conditions? Is the work of growing our food something we will find rewarding? Can we decrease our energy usage enough to live on solar or other renewable energy? I have so many questions I could just keep going on.

I’m so excited about this change in our lives. It will truly be an adventure! It’s time to see if I can give up the normal suburban lifestyle like I’ve been dreaming the past eight years.
-Strangerock signing off

Trimming the Fat

(posted today, written yesterday)

Today my fella Rick and I started the process of ridding ourselves of our material posesions in preparation for a dramatic change in our lifestyle. Yesterday was a day of high anxiety, ending on a high note with the comfort of bad wine, good conversation and truly great friends.

As for trimming the fat, we started sorting through the many board games we own. We definitely suckers for games, especially fantasy games. Lately we’ve been playing a lot of Castle Ravenloft. It’s an excellent game. Really it is many games built into one game system and it’s not terribly hard to pick up. I highly recommend it. We got rid of quite a few games without feeling like we’re sacrificing anything. A lot of our favorites don’t take up much room or like Castle Ravenloft they pack a lot of gameplay per inch cubed.

Today we started on books and DVDs. We sorted out a couple boxes worth and took them to Dimple Records to sell. It took the poor clerk ages to sort and price through it. We walked away with something like $80-90. That was pretty awesome. Of the DVDs we kept, we put them in binders and got rid of the plastic cases. There’s a few box sets we like too much to get rid of like the bluray extended edition of the Lord of the Rings series.  What used to take up four shelves on our mediastand now takes up about one. So I guess we should probably get rid of the mediastand too.

There’s a lot of stuff left. We own a ton of entertainment. Anything we won’t really miss will be sold or donated. Something about us both being nerds has led us to accumulate a lot of stuff, but going through it all really makes us think about what of it really matters.

Where we’re potentially moving is small. Very small. We’re not even sure if we’ll be moving but if it’s happening its going to happen quick so we need to prepare. Much of our stuff will go in storage.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how it’ll all fit together. Right now I feel like anything could happen, which is a bit of an anxious feeling. But I feel like anything is possible right now.

I’m also feeling gratitude towards the awesome friends we have in our life. Without them, we’d be truly lost. I can’t say today was boring and now with my head still spinning I wonder what tomorrow will bring.