A Gift from the Earth

Not so long ago I planted two tiny little heirloom roma tomatoes. With only the earth provided, barely ammended from the cement like clay soil, and regular water, it has given the first tomatoes of the year. It is truly the magic of biology. After trying for my third season to grow tomatoes, I have succeeded!

the first harvest of tomatoes

This is a handful of what is to come. These are destined for salsa and will taste like victory! I have four plants total, and the heirloom romas are first to produce.

A brief update on the yurt: I am still committed to completing this project as soon as I’m able, however my most recent foot injury is preventing me from getting around. I did use the section already made as a wall divider to divide the dance floor from the living room at a recent party, so even unfinished it’s already useful.

1 thought on “A Gift from the Earth

  1. We have been enjoying our families tomatoes. When I cut them up for last nights tostadas, my son that it was peculiar they were so red and said “mom, these tomatoes are so tomatoe-y” Haha! And they were so sweet and juciy unlike their counterparts at the grocery store.

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