A Yurt-in-Progress

I wanted to share my progress of the yurt. I’ve made a test section of the wall once I gather more bamboo I will add on to this. I’m very happy with the walls, it opens and collapses easily and is able to stand on it’s own and gently curve. The zipties appear to work swimmingly, better than I expected actually. Although I wish I got a different kind. These are pretty narrow and a bit too short. As a result I had to connect two together. I’m probably going to buy some better ones before I continue working on the wall.

UPDATE: The yurt is still not complete, though it’s been in use on and off as a room divider. During that time some of the zip ties broke. I still think zip ties can work (so might old bicycle inner-tubes) but the zip ties photographed are crap. Look for long sturdy zip ties  and if they are not available substitute another material.

 Close up of the zip tie joint. 

Home made tarps! They’re bigger than they look. I fused old grocery bags together to create a study plastic tarp. It’s surprisingly easy to make a sturdy tarp out of recycled materials. It is not however a quick process, but for me it’s worth it. I have time, not much money and the desire to upcycle. You’ll have to pardon me for using buzzwords like upcycle. I hate buzzwords. This is two work sessions of tarp, I’d love to be able to give an hour count but I really don’t know. Also my iron is TINY! It might be worth the while to buy a bigger thrift store iron.

If you have the money and not much time, buying a tarp may be worth it. Old billboard ads are made out of a plastic that makes an excellent tarp, and they are meant to withstand UV. If you have access to that, go for it! You can always paint it. Paint (at least in California) can’t just be dumped in the trash so there’s often people giving it away on freecycle or craigslist to avoid the hassle of disposal.

How to make the tarp: Utility Quilt.

I still need to gather more bamboo and a friend should be helping me sometime next week, and also figure out what to use for the roof ring and make a mess of more tarp. For those of you reading who are local, I’m going to run out of plastic bags in not too long. Plastic bag donations will be reward with your choice of fist bump or high five.


4 thoughts on “A Yurt-in-Progress

  1. I’ve been imagining different things to do with those bags! And it’s so awesome that you are building a yurt on your own… Can’t wait to see the end result.

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